Friday, July 6, 2007

We Request The Honor . . .

Mr. and Mrs. CountryMouse

Cordially invite you to raise your glass in a toast

This 6th day of July, 2007,

As we celebrate that our lovely daughter,



For better or for worse

(yeah--it would always have been worse)

For richer or for poorer

(poorer's a gimme)

In sickness and in health

(not that he ever would have lifted a finger if she were ill)

Until death

(or the first pretty girl to walk by)

Do they part,

Vowing to become

Mrs. Crap-Weasel.

Hell. Yeah.

Bottoms up!


Rick said...


whitenoise said...

She dodged the bullet? Good for her. "Mrs. Crap-Weasel" is such an unattractive surname. ;-)

Kristin said...

Hey Rick : ) Today would have been my daughter's wedding day. As Whitenoise points out, my girl dogged an enormous, selfish and almost certainly soul-killing bullet!

Last night I may have been guilty of doing a little celebrating. Early. And heartily : )

CheekierMeSly said...

Something tells me that Beautiful is not joining in your revelry, but is instead doing continued omphaloskepsis on the topic. Change is a bitch, eh?

Kuckie said...

Congrats to one wants a crap-weasel for a SIL! My mom always tells me how thankful she is that I didn't end up with this one particular guy I used to date because his cars would have always been more important, we would never have had anything, and she "could barely stand the thought of a bunch of hook-nosed grandchildren" running about. mom is something else when she gets going! I'll bet you are too!

Kristin said...

omigosh, Kuckie--that's hilarious! Calling him a crap-weasel is actually tame compared to my 'pet names' that I use for him with my closest friends (NEVER to my daughter, that would be cruel.)

Yeah, Cheek, she's doing much omphaloskepsis, but also a bit of 'celebrating' with her big bro and some friends--notably her new friend Mr. Smirnoff. I think you're right, the navel meditation is going to last some time. Poor kid. But that's life. And life, like change, can be an ugly bitch!

stacee said...


The man upstairs works in mysterious ways...Beautiful has so much life to live and to give to the right person...then to give to a lazy piece of shit who would have dragged her through the mud

Mary said...

Well, first I marveled at this clever post. Then I laughed at Whitenoise's comment. Then I was flummoxed by the word "omphaloskepsis" and needed to visit your friend and mine "Mr. Dictionary.Com".

Who knew that your blog could imspire such a range of emotion and breadth of experience?

I'm happy Crap Weasel is out of your life!

ajooja said...

My glass is raised!

I'm having a tough time accepting my son-in-law, but he seems to love my daughter and our grandson quite a bit. That's got to be good for something.