Wednesday, July 11, 2007

To Tell the Truth

A couple years ago (10--but who's counting?) I put on a few extra pounds (50+ --but who's counting?) I spent the last few years carefully and slowly taking the weight back off. And I was pretty pleased with how I looked and felt.

But then last fall . . .

I allowed myself to wallow in anxiety and regained 26 of those hard fought 55 pounds.


I needed some sort of outside motivation to help me get back on track and once again purge myself of the extra padding. Yesterday, I found my motivation. I e-mailed my beautiful daughter to enlist her help:

"Of all the good reasons for me to continue trying to lose a few pounds (you know, for my health 'n crap like that . . . ) here is the most compelling reason of all--

Next June I get to have my driver's license renewed. In my current photo, my head is so fat (decidedly not "phat") and geometric that I look like Sponge Mom Square Head. Let's hope for better next year.

Every time I want to party hearty with my BFF (Pepperidge Farm cookies) pleeeeeeease remind me of that driver's license photo . . .

Oh yeah, and my health 'n crap too . . . "

She messaged me back:

"I understand about the license thing, those pictures always suck. But not for you because you'll look fabulous!

And that is the most important reason for losing weight. Health shmealth : ) "

She has earned her place on my payroll.


whitenoise said...

It's tough with all the crap in food these days. I took the family to a chicken restaurant last night- Swiss Chalet (well known in this part of the world, you probably don't have them in your state.)

One of the telling aspects of their menu is that all of their regular customers are obese. Makes one think before lifting the fork...

Kristin said...

Yes! It is tough with all the crap food these days!

There are two main grocery stores in our town--there is "the" store (huge bulk section, tons of organics, local produce, etc.), and the national brand store that just can't compete. Instead of competing, the national brand has cheap prices and continual sales. Problem is, it's all crappy food.

And it's like that restaurant you describe, the clientel at "the" store are all yuppy, thin, atheletic. At the national store, the aisles are full of obesity. Very sad . . .

ajooja said...

My most recent weight loss was 42 pounds. I think I've gained about 20 of it back.

Even with the 42 pounds, I was still 28 pounds away from my goal. Now, I'm a long damn way away.

My wife and I sabotage each other. We do well during the week while working. We just can't eat right at home.

CheekierMeSly said...

Sign posted next to officer taking my first driver's license photo in Merritt Island, Florida: "You want a better picture, bring a better face."

"Better" is as better does.

Better sign: posted on the ceiling and viewed during my first ever "plumbing" exam: "Smile! It'll make people think you're having more sex than they are!"

Your smiles are doing just fine, CountryMouse. Don't sweat the license photo - I figger everyone gets one good 'un, but it's not yours to say when. I've had my one - was taken on my actual birthday as the license was expiring, if it's any kinda karma for you.