Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Private Tropical Getaway

Having had a few difficulties during the past couple years, my friends have become accustomed to hearing me say (at least once during every conversation we have), "I just want to be on a tropical island with a pitcher of margaritas!" These extraordinary women went to much planning and work to grant me my wish--or as close to it as possible. And it could not have been more perfect! I'm pretty sure Mary was the major instigator, and I am just as sure that she would never take the credit.

Mary and Clarice decked the place out! This is the view into Clarice's dining room and it shows just a fraction of the decorated fun.

The butler never looked so dignified as he did after Clarice's girls got done with him:

Clarice made fan-freaking-tastic mango margaritas! Here is my own special margarita glass that looks (up close) quite like beach glass:

A special guest, courtesy of Clarice's youngest daughter:

One day, Clarice will be the chef in Heaven, and this is what we shall eat--I'm quite sure of it! A dessert especially made for me: chocolate pate with cream Anglaise sauce delicately infused with coconut. The only way for me to describe this amazing slice of pure decadence is to call it an oral orgasm. That just about does it justice:

And here was the centerpiece for the table and my gift from Angie. Angie who is nothing less than genius! It's mer-me! And it captures me exactly as I am--a hot, middle-aged babe in a green bikini-ish thing, riding the crest of the 40 wave and raising my glass to salute all that is waiting for me! Or something.

Youngest kept looking at the felted doll and looking at me, "Mom--her eyebrows, her smile, the way her hair comes over her shoulders, her coloring--she looks just like you! How does Angie do it?" Yep. Angie's a genius:

They all shared their wonderful food and warmth and laughter. And, to be expected at any A-list party, there was entertainment! After I learned that it was my night to indulge in as many margaritas as I liked (which is why I was supposed to have shared a ride with Tracy--but I blew that) I called my sweet Mister to come pick my car up. Though he had been busy working on a project, he dropped everything to honor my request.

The girls and I were at the dinner table when we heard a low, sexy, almost stripper-like voice coming from the kitchen. "Did someone call for a handyman?" asked the smouldering voice. In walked Mister, unzipping his coveralls. It was hysterical. Though I was a teensy bit worried that the zipper wasn't going to stop at chest height . . .

And finally--a friend (a guy--naturally) sent me this. Follow the link and click on the track titled "On Tropical Islands." I like to imagine this celebrity recording the piece as though he were serious about it. hee hee

But the piece d'resistance of my personal, private tropical getaway had to be the lovely cards and letters my posse gave me. A whole stack of letters telling me what makes me uniquely me and why they love me. Interestingly, many of the things I view as faults are viewed by my friends as strengths. I have much to learn! I won't reprint their lovely words except this tiny little excerpt from Angie:

"Another thing I love about Kristin is that though she'll notice all the grammatical errors I've written in this card, she won't judge me or like me any less!"

How much more blessed can a girl get?

Oh--and one last photo. This is my birthday present from Mister. That sweet, sweet man. Donchya just love how the present goes with the party theme? Me too:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

Thank you Clarice for your lovely home--and your food!; Mary for knowing exactly what I needed; Tracy for the years and years of late night confidance; and Angie for your always down-to-earth support and your creativity! Better friends never walked this Earth. *sniff*


whitenoise said...

HB Kristin. :-)

You are obviously surrounded by friends and family who care about you very much. I'm happy for you.

CheekierMeSly said...

Hooray for Kristin! Hooray at last! Hooray for Kristin, she's a horse's ass! ;-P Happy ass birthday!

Storybook Woods said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful time. May you have more birthdays like this one. Auberne'

Storybook Woods said...

Well Kristin I am glad I could give you an oral orgasm ;-p
We were all thrilled to give you a party. You give us so much, it is the lest we can do for you. Love Clarice

Kristin said...

aww--thanks y'all : )

Mary said...

Clarice and the girls did a fabulous job of decorating, didn't they? I just provided the paper goods, they did all the hard work. I'm still cracking up over the "butler" and monkey. They make me smile every time I think of them.

And that dessert? There are simply no words. Mmm . . .

I'm so glad that you had such a nice birthday, Kristin. You certainly deserve it!

whitenoise said...

Okay, you had yer little party, chiquita... now back to the keyboard with ya. On with it! There are country-mouseketeers starving in china, ....or something. ;-)