Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Hiatus

So . . . I haven't been here much of late. I'm just not feeling it right now. I'm not inspired. I'm not dying to sit at the keyboard every day and work on things. Partly because it's spring and there's so much to do! Partly because there are some pretty major things going on in my real life. Blog life has to take a back seat for awhile.

I hope to pop in from time to time with a post here and there. But mostly my focus will be elsewhere.

You all have been really supportive and so much fun! I so look forward to lunch break every day when I get to sit down and catch up with everyone!

I hope to be back later with enthusiasm and a little less negativity.

Until then, cheers!


whitenoise said...

Don't sweat it, dudette. I hope the "stuff" in your real life gets resolved okay. And, I think most of us are feeling the pull of the great outdoors...

Rick said...

I agree!