Friday, April 20, 2007

A non rant for a change . . .

Hmmmm. Looking over some of my previous posts, it would appear that I spend the lion's share of my time complaining. And whining. And moaning and groaning. And bitching. And judging other folks' lack of facility with the English language (as if that is the only true mark of a man?) I come off looking a bit like an "unsatisfied, dough-faced" American (to quote my favorite line from Kipling's Captains Courageous.)

But that's not all there is to me. I do stop to smell the roses. And the lilacs when they're in bloom in the old neighborhood in which I am lucky enough to live. I do appreciate the little things in life that spell out the beauty and humor that surround us. And I do revel in those sublime little moments that just make a person stop and say "ahhhhh."

So here it is:

The Me Likey List

  • New iTunes! Either of my choosing or Beautiful's--she keeps me on my toes : )

  • Long walks in our neighborhood and along the waterfront with the mountain view. Yep--I am blessed to live in a place of unending beauty.

  • Strong Bad e-mails, along with xkcd and Perry Bible Fellowship* comics. No explanation needed. [*Note: Decidedly unbiblical--I can't explain the name . . . ]

  • Stretching after a really good work out--that feeling of calm and peace after accomplishing something good.

  • Chocolate (duh--this category was a gimme, right?) Chocolate milk, chocolate covered strawberries, thin slices of fresh ginger in dark chocolate fondue (thanks Tracy!), Baskin-Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale, chocolate milkshakes, semi-sweet chocolate chips directly from the bag, chocolate chip cookie dough (who has time to wait for baking!), chocolate covered raisins, and way too many other chocolate things to name.

  • Non chocolate related because Mary talked me into trying just a tiny piece: Really good, fresh, imported Italian marzipan. Oh yeah, baby!

  • Having my toes kissed. I know--TMI : )

  • Wednesday homeschool co-op group, where the moms eat amazing food, and talk about books and films and relationships and news and occasionally politics & religion, and share thoughts about our families, and encourage each other . . . oh yes, and teach our children. And eat amazing food . . .

  • When Mister has occasion to really, really laugh. I love seeing him unabashedly happy.

  • Lilacs, sweet peas, honeysuckles, poppies and peonies. And the small grove of dogwoods that are right now blooming at my favorite roadside cemetery.

  • Late night IM's with either Beautiful or Young Guy. The time of night when I really need to laugh and share the insomnia and they're both so funny!

  • Driving a stick shift. What is it about driving a stick that makes people feel like they have some control over one small thing in the world? Don't know, but I love it!

  • Calvin Klein's Eternity perfume. Except I just ran out of it--which seems like an oxymoron . . .

  • Camping at Ross Lake--a man made lake behind a dam. We drive from Washington, into Canada, down a 40 mile long, rutted, rough dirt road back into the US to camp at the northern tip of this lake. The barren and challenging dirt road keeps this campsite from being overly popular. But the blue lake nestled in the mountains (some forested, some sheer rock faces) is a quiet--nearly sacred--haven for us in the summertime. And because of the surrounding colors and the quality of light, it's impossible to take a bad photo there!

  • Road trips with Beautiful. sigh

  • 3400 word minimum blog posts . . . ; )

  • I am an apple and cheese ho! Don't care which apples so long as they're crisp and have enough sweet/tart to sing with the cheese. Current cheese favorites: That imported French brie (isle of somethingorother) whose name I can never remember--so mild and delicate I'll even eat the rind. Boursin--gotta love that garlic! But my hands-down favorite is Rosemary Manchego. Ahhhh, Rosemary Manchego with apples . . . a combination that is every superlative I can think of . . . a combination that's better than sex! Well . . . maybe not better than . . . but oh! think how they would be combined . . . I must go "talk" to Mister . . .

  • Fall. Everything about fall. The colors, harvest, the aromas, the first wind storm, the clean air, the energy in the air!

"The sumac is a gypsy queen,
Who flaunts in crimson dressed,
And wild along the roadside runs,
Red blossoms in her breast."

Just another small glimpse into what makes me uniquely me : )

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Mary said...

I loved this post, Kristin. So much of the you that we all know shouts out here.

Glad to have you as a friend!