Friday, April 13, 2007

Archaeological Evidence Of My Illustrious Life

It's not that I never clear off my desk, it's that there's a little cubby with a pile of papers and things that ends up being the catch-all for everyone's junk. This week I have been absolutely swamped with serious projects that needed to get done. So it seemed like a good time to get distracted by this ever growing mass o'crap.

Here is a small sample of Weird Things Found On Mom's Desk:

  • 1/2 of a card deck chewed by dog (Why only half? Why save what's leftover of doggie destruction? It's all a mystery . . . )

  • unopened package of dental floss

  • Lego treasure chest--complete with treasure!

  • fingernail clippers--ewwwwww (I gag at anything fingernail related the same as I do with anything mouth related.)

  • big ass-pile o' CD's--none of which belong to me!

  • broken blade of a toy tomahawk--because where else would one file broken toy tomahawk blades?

  • dangly earrings--not mine

  • really cute ankle bracelet--also not mine

  • ferry schedule--that expired in September

  • plastic sheriff badge from county fair--last august

  • Beautiful's costume design sketches--from last may

  • Handful Of Luvin CD borrowed from a friend--last march

  • tax documents--from 2005

  • high school senior portrait--from 1985 . . . long story . . .


Mary said...

The reason you still have half a destroyed deck of cards is that your dog is saving the cards for my dog, who always appreciates something inappropriate to chew on.

Your desk sounds suspiciously like my desk, complete with the discs and dangly earrings.

Enjoy your weekend!

CheekierMeSly said...

I'll bite ... scan in that high school photo, and dish!

whitenoise said...

Hey, you deleted it again! ;-(

C'mon, Kristin, it was a cute pic. You were/are a very attractive lady, nothing to be embarrassed about... ;-)