Monday, March 26, 2007

My Feral Child

Little Guy and I took a rather protracted lunch break from our homeschool studies today while I participated in an e-mail 3 way with Cheek and Anon.

No need to alert the education authorities. While I was enmeshed in an unnatural electronic relationship, Little Guy used his thoroughly unsupervised time to build himself a practice soccer goal. By himself--no help whatsoever. Cool, huh?

(It doesn't show in the photo, but there is black netting stapled to sides and back of goal.)

And then we went back to our regular studies . . .


Rick said...

First home school I have seen with a shop class! Great Work.

whitenoise said...

cool ;-) Just make sure mister keeps the power tools locked up... ;-O

Kristin said...

Rick, not sure if I'd actually call it shop 'class' seeing as how *nobody* was actually available for help or direction : )

Whitenoise, Little Guy *adores* Mister's power tools. Especially the loud, dangerous ones. But only with supervision, of course : )

Mary said...

Since Little Guy is the one who *always* has the tools and the knowledge to fix whatever the other children need when they are all together, this accomplishment was no surprise to me.

He's a terrific child with a significant gift.

. . . Of course, there is his worrisome ruthlessness at UNO, but I get we can't expect perfection.