Saturday, March 17, 2007


Spring break is over.

Number One packed up the laundry that he had brought home to do. He packed the uber nutritious breakfast cookies I made for him. He packed up his new toy (an SKS rifle--he's a boy, did I mention?) Cell phone. Wallet. Keys. Backpack. Hugged Mom and drove away. Again.

While he's busy with schoolwork and clubs and sports and his social life, I don't think about missing him all that much. He is happy and thriving where he is and I could not be more pleased for him. It's in those moments just before he arrives in our driveway for a visit that the sting of his absence pains me. And more so as he pulls out to head back to school.

I took pictures of the kids together and thought I'd post one. But Beautiful, who no longer lives here, wasn't in the pictures. And none of the shots with boys together quite worked out (one with a goofy look on his face, the other with his eyes closed : )

Instead, in tribute to spring that has most extravagantly sprung in my little corner of the world (specifically in the orchard next door) I'm posting a photo of the plum tree blossoming in my house. I wish I could post its sweet smell . . .


Rick said...

I have on away at school and understand how you feel.

whitenoise said...

-a few years away, here, but can imagine how you feel.

Jealous of your spring. -6C here and the snow will be around for at least another week.

smilnsigh said...

Awwww, sorry for the blues-thing. Understand, though it was a long while ago, here. :-)

But oh how lucky you are to have Spring be sprung. -sighhhhhhhhh- We still have snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow. {sigh, cough, gasp, pant, whine, barf, sigh, cough, spit, etc.} Bahhhhh hummmmmmmmmbug too! Grrrr...

So go take a whiff of those branches for me please. Hey, if I had 'em, they'd be right next to me, on my computer desk. :-)


Mary said...

It's awful when they go, isn't it?

That pain is definitely one of my top "sucky" things about being a mom.

Well, that and the fact that none of them apparently appreciate my superior wisdom, knowledge and insight.

Sheesh. What ingrates. Send 'em all off to school!!!

Kristin said...

Hey Rick, nice to meet you. And nice to hear from a fellow my-kid's-at-college-and-I-miss-him parent!

whitenoise and Mari-Nanci, I thought of you both today as I walked around our neighborhood in a t-shirt, enjoying all the scrumptious spring scents and smells. Even the blooming skunk cabbage : ) Hoping spring comes soon for you.

*sigh* Dear Mary, maybe if you sit mine down and I sit yours down and we each explain how intuitive and all-knowing the other is . . . Yeah. Right. They'll continue to think for themselves. Remind me, why did we raise them like that?