Friday, March 30, 2007

At Least I'm Laughing Now

Exchanging "what are you doing this weekend" greetings with a friend, I explained that I would be spending my time quietly helping Hurt Child scoop up flotsam and jetsam from recent terrorist attack on Child's life.

And then it struck me that the easier way of expressing that thought was simply to say that I would be playing the role of The Poopsmith.

If you don't know who The Poopsmith is, you're missing out : ) Follow the link. Trust me. And then catch up on the rest of the cast in Strong Bad E-mails.

All hail The Poopsmith who made me laugh out loud when I didn't think it was possible!


Influencebad said...

O_O You watch STRONGBAD stuff?!?! OMG!! When did you start??

And how awesome is The Cheat? ^_^

Rick said...

Nice to hear you laugh again!

Kristin said...

influence back at yer bad self ; ) Cheekiermesly led me down the primrose path to Strong Bad. And I'm crapfully happy about it : )

Thanks, Rick : )

whitenoise said...

hey... hope everything's okay, now. :-)

Kristin said...

Thanks, Whitenoise. Sadly, things are going to be indisputably unokay for a very long time.

Beyond the pain is the insidious damage that this particularly sensitive child is going to have a drawn out struggle with. Death is way too good for Pain Causer. Not that I'm bitter, mind you : )

whitenoise said...

Sorry to hear it. Wish I could say something that'd help but all I got is a pocket full of non-pithy platitudes... ;-(

Rick said...

Just checking in to see how you are!

Kristin said...

You all are so supportive--thank you! And thank you for not suggesting that our issues aren't valid in the grand scheme of things. I'm actually pretty good with perspective, but for now this is big and awful.

As of this moment (7:57 pm Pacific) I'm not crying : )

Child is toughing it out and has an overburdened schedule right now which is a *very* good thing. Tuesday brings the clean, final end to it all. After that, let the healing begin!