Wednesday, March 14, 2007

10 x 2

(More Than) Ten Days It's Been Great to be a Mom

10. All 3 kids' births. Fear and pain aside, I ended up with healthy, sweet babies : )

9. All the days when the kids have gotten kudos for being the remarkable people they are.

8. The day Number One received his first college acceptance letter. Vindication and empirical proof that homeschooling wasn't a breathtakingly whackadoo choice!

7. That winter afternoon when Beautiful was 15 and an acquaintance we were chatting with made the comment that Beautiful and I were obviously good friends. Not wanting to be presumptuous, I looked to Beautiful for the answer. The smile on her face--yes, a teenager smiling at her mother--was all I ever needed to know.

6. During funeral for Number One's cherished friend when Number One took the time, and the notice, to comfort me. That one action was a profound illustration that he was all grown up.

5. Any summer day water skiing with the kids and their friends. As our neighbor says, "The life of Reilly."

4. Seeing Beautiful extend grace and learn and grow from less than perfect situation with the man she loves. She is a more compassionate and giving human being than I can ever hope to be.

3. Watching Little Guy fix the neighbor kids' bicycles and set up their second-hand cable ride and take it upon himself to cook and do dishes when Mom is sick and knowing that, though he may not be a scholar, he'll be able to take care of himself and his family. There is no price to be put on that.

2. All the days when my kids, oddballs though they may be, demonstrate how unusual and outside-the-box they are. Those are the best (and sometimes most embarrassing) days!

1. All the days when the kids have thanked me, even with all my flaws, for being the mom that I am. Cool.


whitenoise said...

Warm and compassionate with a nice touch of humour. If the timing were different, I'd be wondering if you were Erma Bombeck in a previous life. ;-)

Mary said...

It's true, isn't it? There are so many frustrating and painful elements to parenthood but there are enough miraculous moments of pure exhilaration and sublime happiness to make it worthwhile.

Mary - who knows first hand how terrific Kristin's children are.

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Oh, Mary--thank you : ) I somehow missed these comments before. It's those darn drugs again . . .

(Evidently the same drugs that cause me to comment narcissistically on my own blog and then accidetally delete. I need some rest . . . )

Erma Bombeck--I suspect, Mr. Whitenoise, since we are both familiar enough to make/understand that reference, we are perhaps not as young and cool as we'd like to believe ; )